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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is too short.

I'm not down with people that thrive on complaining. 
We all know people like this.
Sometimes, I even catch myself falling into the trap of making something small into something huge or feeling like bad things keep piling up.
Pity party for one anyone?
But, as I get older, as each day passes with each new moment of not knowing what will be next, 
I think there is one question to let marinate...

At the end of the day, in the big picture....Is it all really worth it?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My head feels like it wants to explode.
Like from the bottom of my nose to the top of my head is one huge pressure cooker. Ugh. 
Due to this, I've come to the conclusion that pollen is sprinkled by the devil. Yup.
My car is no longer a pearly slate grey but this dusty yellow sprinkled thing.
Everywhere you look, stuff is covered in this devil dust. Everything.
There is a yellow haze in the air.
I SHOULD know better. I could own stock in Zyrtec and suphedrine. 
My sinuses are reminding me of this sad fact. 
The warm weather & sunshine draws me outside...I just can't help it. 
I checked the pollen count for today and found for the whole month of March it will be...
dun, dun, dun....High. With a peak on Friday at "Very High". Go figure. 
Pure torture.
I. Cant. Stand. The. Throbbing.
Boogabee is sleeping, she is teething and is running a low grade fever. Poor baby, I wish I could grow teeth for her...I gladly would. Maybe my sinuses are also having sympathy pains...
So, what I really SHOULD do is take advantage of this nap & lay down myself..

Brilliant idea. Toodles!

Oh, have I told you?

I despise pollen.