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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shop! In the Name of Love...

Browsing around Etsy happens to be one of my favorite things to do..
Oh man.
I think this print is so sweet.
I like the vintage-y eye chart style to it.

Heck, the whole shop is sweet. 
You can find that print and some other lovelies here.

I'm a sucker for poetry from way back. 
Let me tell ya,
 I love me some e.e. cummings.

This simple little card caught my eye.
I'm also loving this print from the same place.
Actually, there isn't much in this shop that I don't like..
One of each please!
When I found Lily Jane Stationary
and read the inspiration behind the business,
I wished I stumbled upon it wayyyyy sooner. 
10% of proceeds go to the March of Dimes.
A.k.a...kick ass stationery sold for a great cause 
that I also happen to have a soft heart for..
Quick, someone hide my purse!

This pillow cracks me up.

The other side.

Haha....Thanks go to Out On a Limb for the laugh!
(By the way, her Poppy Fields pillow needs to find it's way to my house)
Just sayin...

Ahh, so I leave you with this last lovelie...

One of my biggest loves is my daughter. 
This "Birth" necklace is the perfect piece of "mama" like jewelry for me.
I cried when I opened it on Christmas.

(P.S. This picture is not my necklace, just a example from the site to give you a visual.)
Me = Big fan of hand stamped creations. 
Go visit here....

Valentine's Day is a cutesy holiday and I'm not a hater. 
   I think it's fun to plan surprises or create cheesy valentines to bring 
an extra smile to those that are special to you. 
     Besides, who doesn't love another day to celebrate in life, 
   even in the littlest of ways?
  I hope every one of your days is filled with love!

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