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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Youngest Gleek.

I could never get sick of Glee. I have a big heart of love for Glee.
Love for, not so much...
Sam's renditon of  "Baby, Baby, Baby" was pretty darn good.
I would venture to say it was better than the Bieb's original. 
Biased? Maybe slightly. (Remember, big heart of love for Glee.)
And yes, I do wish my side swept bangs fell as nicely as Sam's did despite the dancing...
(I hate it when guys have better hair than me...annoying.)
I have to tell ya though, watching our 15 mos. old attempt to sing along & mimic the dancing to Sam on is freakin' priceless.  
She says "Whoaaaaa" and "Down, Down, Down" pretty perfect.
This alone makes the 2 min. clip worth watching at least 3 times a day...right?


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