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Thursday, December 23, 2010

And yet another lovely...

                                 Love this book.

 Long before this became a movie...try in like, oh maybe 1987 or 1988ish...I became an instant fan of this book. I was in 2nd grade. When I think of the first time that I heard this aloud, it seems movie like. ..the details are so vivid.I grew up in Upstate New York. That means in the winter, there is definitely snow and lots of it. It was the week before Christmas vacaton and it was one of those days that the snow was falling in huge flakes, slowly to the ground. Like on the cover of this book...

The library was warm and you could see the snow falling behind the librarian as she read aloud. It was magical. I felt like I could hear the train whistle and the bell.
 Now, as an adult, I own the book. Like the librarian, I have now  read it aloud to many children over the years. .And every time I open the pages,I remember that first time I heard it. 

The movie is a bonus, one of the few films that actually sticks quite well to the book. It has become a tradition in my home to watch this movie on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. And the book.....well it's out all year round. What a great piece of children's literature, that goes without even mentioning the beautiful pastel illustrations.
Instant fan. For life. 

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