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Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Christmas Lovely.

I don't have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. But, I spend alot of time on her website..and do pick a mag/catch a show here or there if I see something that interests me. 
                                   I gotta say, I'm definitely a fan. 

                                           And this December's issue = a keeper.
I think the wrinkled cover is giving me away as to how much I've looked at this magazine..
Lots of good ideas, pretties to look at and even a few recipes that I wouldn't mind trying..
The "One dough, 30 kinds of Cookies" intrigues me. I've spent the last month deciding which of the cookies I would like to make.
   Still undecided. 
 Five days until Christmas...
There's definitely still time to cram another baking session in...
                      I bet Martha will. 

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