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Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Memories.

Gosh, there are so many remakes of songs. Some of them blow the originals out of the water while others are horrible and the originals stand true. 

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" sung by Judy Garland is an original that I'm pretty positive I'll never get sick of and though I have heard a gazillion different versions of it, I'm loyal to this one......

Like, it's one of those songs that stops me in my tracks wherever I am when I hear it and I can't help but hum or sing along...

I think of hiding under the table on Christmas Eve in the midst of my gazillion aunts and uncles because I was scared of my Godfather who had a beard...(Now it makes me chuckle. He wasn't even creepy. But, the beard...not so much of a fan.)

I feel the warmth of my grandparent's woodstove, their soft recliner and a full belly and I can see their twinkling tree with far too many lights &  30+ years old tin pie plate ornaments made by my mom and uncle as children.

I hear my other grandfather's authentic antique sleigh bells that were rang every Christmas Eve to round up the littles to leave for home. For years, I legitimately thought it was Santa's sleigh. When I got older, I became part of the "team" of cousins to run around outside and ring it for the youngers. I remember the year that I had strep throat but insisted on stumbling through the deep snow with my dress clothes on just like everyone else.My mother wasn't very happy, but I was...and that year stands out in my mind.

I smell the oodles of sugar cookies that I baked over the years with my gram, mom and sis while laughing, singing, dancing and being silly around the kitchen. I snicker when I think of my gramps sneaking them by the handfuls off the trays before we even frosted them and then at dinner talking about the diet he is starting.
Ohh, the memories.

 I could go on and on (and for that I am grateful)....

I just think it's is so nifty...uh-oh, I just broke out one of my mom's words...that one song can conjure up so many great thoughts. 
 Music is amazing.


Judy Garland singing in "Meet Me in St. Louis"
What song makes you reflect on Christmas pasts? 
What are some of the times that you think of when you hear it played?

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